The Natural way of choosing your baby's gender

The Natural way of choosing your baby's gender
Using the Natural Approach

According to this method, the following causes have a great impact on choosing your baby's gender.
*     Time of sexual intercourse
*     Frequencies of sexual activities
*     Technicality of sexual intercourse
*     Vaginal acidity
*     The woman's nutrition
The impact of the timing of sexual intercourse that has on choosing the gender
If the sexual intercourse takes in long before the ovulation (up to 72 hours) most chances is that more sperms from the female kind will develop then the ones from the male.
I the sexual intercourse is close to the time of ovulation – most chances that the male sperms will arrive first to the ovule and fertilize it since they are quicker then the female ones.
An Ultrasound Check Up
An ultrasound examination during the days that are close to the ovulation, allows us to know the exact period of time of the ovulation, also finding corroborative evidence for its occurrence.
The impact of frequencies of sexual activities that has on choosing your baby’s gender
What to do?
If you wish for a female baby, you need to be consist daily with your sexual activities in the time that is appropriate for ovulation.
If you wish for a male baby, you need to prevent from sexual activities and masterbation and apply only in the time requested.
The impact of technique usage during sexual activities have on choosing the gender of your baby
The question is, what do we do?
If you wish for a male gender baby – you need to take these following steps:
Bringing the woman to her maximum irritation and completed sexual orgasm. You need to choose the position that brings the penis closer to the uterus – face to face, when the woman's hips are up lifted and her thighs are folded and buttocks of the woman is lifted with the use of a pillow. The man's position when he attached to the woman's back through from the back inserting his penis to the vagina.
If you wish for a female gender baby – you need to take these following steps:
You do need to choose the positions that makes bringing up the sperms difficult, the process of eliminating the male sperms – Y and assist strengthening the numbers of the female sperms – X.
The sexual intercourse will be short and leaving out the woman's orgasm, the man's entry of the penis will be short, out on the surface only and not deep trying to leave most of the sperm on the acidic vaginal excretion and far from the uterus.
The impact of Vaginal Excretion Acidity has on choosing your baby's gender
Again, what do we do?
If you wish for a new born baby with a male gender, you add to a liter of warm water a Bikerbont solution, soda water in the amount of 2 spoons of soup to a liter of water. If you want your new baby to be a girl, then you add to the liter of warm water a vinegar solution in the amount of 2 soup spoons for a liter of water. You perform the vaginal wash 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse takes place, on top of the toilet or bath using a vaginal wash you can purchase in the pharmacy. Do not worry, the smell does not stay for long.
The impact that the woman's nutrition has on your choose with your baby's gender
What do to?
If you wish for a male gender, you take the following steps:
You add as much as salt to your food.
Recommended food will be: Meat and fish, white beans, lentils, potatoes, spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, bananas, figs, peaches, apricot, plums and cherries.
Forbidden food and drinks will be: All mineral water, green vegetables and lettuce, eggs and dairy products, almonds and nuts.
Potassium medicine – Taking one pill a day (using the doctor's supervision).
The labels against this diet and this medicine are: High blood pressure, Kidney failure, untreated diabetes, the Edison's disease.
If you wish for a female gender, you take the following steps:
You take out the salt for all your food including cooking. You can not use any salt substances that contain potassium.
Recommended food will be: Eggs, milk, and dairy products (leaving out the salty cheeses kind), white cheese and natural yogurt, roasted meat without salt, green vegetables and lettuce, beet, carrot, asparagus, tomatoes, rice, almonds, and nuts (not salted), pears, strawberries, and apples.
Forbidden food will be: Bread, toasts, croutons, sea food, canned food, cookies/biscuits, smoked or salted fish, chocolate, coffee, tea (allowing a little bit during breakfast, adding milk to it), fruit juice, mineral water and soft drinks, white beans, artichoke, peaches, bananas, cherries, apricot, lentils, mushrooms, plums, figs, and spinach.
Additional medicine (based on the doctor's recomandation): Taking Calcium in pills or syrup (one spoon in the morning and in the evening).
The labels against this diet and this medicine: overload of Calcium, Kidney failure.
Combination of all methods and approaches to choosing your baby's gender
Combining all methods together can bring up to 80% success in choosing the gender of your baby you wish for. Using only part of the process might bring you to a failure since it might be that another cause encourages the formation of the opposite sex.
What do we do?
Choosing the male gender – Baby boy, take the following steps:
You prevent from a sexual intercourse until the appropriate time, it applies to both man and woman.
The sexual intercourse will occur close to the ovulation period of time.
Before the acual act of sexual intercourse – You wash the vaginal area with a Bikerbond solution.
During the intercourse, the penis with enter deep to vagina.
The sexual intercourse will include the woman's orgasm.
A very salty nutrition, rich with potassium and very specific.
Choosing the female gender – Baby girl, take the following steps:
You engage with your regular sexual activities.
The sexual intercourse will occur as far as possible from the time of ovulation.
Before the actual act of sexual intercourse – You wash your vaginal area with a vinegar solution.
The male's penis will not go deep to the vagina.
It does not include the woman' s enjoyment.
Leaving out the salt in all your food, rich with calcium and very specific.
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